Brian and Colin's
Three Peaks Challenge
A fundraising challenge for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

We started our challenge at the base of Ben Nevis at 1615hrs in early May having travelled up from West Yorkshire by car.
The decision to start at this time was to enable travelling to Scafell Pike in lighter night time traffic and ensure that walking in darkness was kept to the minimum. The weather was kind throughout and helped in facilitating our successful mission.
We had the summit of Ben Nevis to ourselves on reaching it at 1945hrs. With all that was at stake,care had to be exercised in not spending too much time taking pictures and enjoying the snow. We had debated whether or not to take crampons with us as snow was laying down to 3500 feet. Our decision not to take them proved right as we were able to descend off the snow before it began to freeze. We had met people coming down as we went up, but no one was met as we travelled back down. The journey back to the base seemed never ending, but after a hasty change of gear we left for Scafell Pike at 2200hrs.

An uneventful journey ensured that good progress was made and the accent of Scafell Pike began in darkness at 1545hrs. The time of year meant that sunrise was early and torches were no longer needed after one hours progress. Scafell Pike is a slog at the best of times and is no easier in the early hours of the morning after no sleep and having driven the three hours prior to the start. I began to wonder how on earth I ever got myself into attempting such a challenge, but my weary limbs began to loosen up after a slow start and spurred on by all that was at stake and knowing that Colin would be feeling much worse than me, as he hadn't been able to eat anything since breakfast the previous day, we began to make progress. I shall never forget that moment when we saw the sun rise on approaching the summit, the pleasure of which spurred me on no end. We continued down and part two of our mission was completed with our return to the car at 0830hrs. It was the first time I had travelled up and down Scafell Pike and not seen one single soul. Now came the time for potential hazards on a journey at this time of day, but by the time the motorway was reached, the heaviest of the traffic had gone and the motorway aided our progress. Only one small hold-up for roadworks had caused any anxiety and the starting point for Snowdon was reached at 1220hrs.
Colin, found new reserves of energy at this stage and his quickening pace along the Pyg Track did much to encourage my ageing, tiring limbs. Many were met who saw our shirts em blazed with our mission and stopped to ask about it. Snowdon looked an eternity away as we strode above Glaslyn, fueling my concerns of reaching our deadline. The top of Snowdon was eventually reached and with no time for Colin to continue chatting up that girl, we pressed on. After all there was a lot hanging on our success. Yes, 8000.00, most of which had been raised by my much respected friend.

Our goal was reached with just 25 minutes to spare. Would I do it again, probably not. Too old now, but it gave tremendous satisfaction, knowing I had been a small part of Colin's brilliant achievement.
Many grateful thanks to all those who contributed so magnificently to Hearing Dogs

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